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La Campiña

La Campiña

La Campiña de Jaen is the rural area in the north western part of the province.

La Campiña de Jaen consists of the following municipal districts.
Andújar, Arjona, Arjonilla, Cazalilla, Escañuela, Espelúy, Lahiguera, Lopera, Marmolejo, Villanueva de la Reina,

Marmolejo is popular with travellers who enjoy rural and active tourism. It is also home to one of Andalusia’s many spas, and part of its lands are at the foot of Sierra Morena, within the… More →

Lopera has gained international fame due its distinct shipyard which is situated amongst olive groves. The shipyard has produced winning vessels of important nautical competitions. The town has… More →

Lahiguera offers incredible views of the surrounding mountains of the province, as well as the Guadalquivir River, which borders part of the town. It has about 1,680 inhabitants.

Espelúy is a small town located in the middle of mountainous countryside. The Guadalquivir River, as the protagonist of this region, provides sustenance to the community’s agricultural activity.… More →

Arjona has achieved popularity and fame for its olive oil production. The integration of the olive tree into the landscape, the economy and the way of life of the locals over the centuries have… More →

Arjonilla is situated on the far western side of the province of Jaén, surrounded by olive groves. Indeed, it sits in the heart of a region well known for olive oil production. The area is also… More →

Escañuela is formed entirely of cultivated lands, dependent on the local olive monoculture. The small irrigation systems stemming from the Arroyo Salado de Arjona, once dedicated to herbaceous… More →

Cazalilla is situated in the heart of the Jaén province, near the Guadalquivir River. Its lands, used exclusively for agriculture, comprise an unmistakable landscape of olive groves, cereal crops… More →

Andújar is home to the rolling 74,774 ha of the Sierra de Andújar Natural Park, with many lovely spots to sit and meditate along its banks and more remote areas inhabited by an impressive number… More →