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by Paz Rosado Fernández translated by Leoni Chaplow

Linares, land of bullfighters and musicians, offers visitors an interesting historical and artistic heritage.  An important town in the north of Jaen with a population of 65.000. Linares was heavily involved in the mining and smelting of lead and the production of gunpowder. The last mine closed in 1991. In 2011 Santana Motor of Linares made national headlines when the factory closed. 


Iglesia de Santa Maria
The Church of Santa Maria is declared an Artistic and historical monument. It was erected  after the Christian conquest judging by the gothic, renaissance and baroque style canons.

Iglesia de San Francisco
The church of San Francisco with its renaissance and baroque styles.

Hospital de San Juan de Dios
The Hospital of San Juan de Dios has a beautiful  baroque façade.

Hospital de los Marquis de Linares
The hospital of the Marquis de Linares is neo-gothic style.

Mercardo de Abastos
The market hall is an interesting structure.

The old town hall buiding is a focus point of the town.

Plaza de Toros
The bullring is famous to this day as the ring where Manolete died on the 28th August 1947.  He was caught by the horns of a Miura bull.  On 28 August every year, people place flowers on the Manolete statue in Linares. Manolete's death is remembered in the ring by putting a bunch of roses in the place where he fell.

Casas Señoriales
There are a number of mansion houses located in the older part of the town.

Casa de Municion
18th century munitions store.

Posito de Labradores
The old granary is 18th century.

Outside the town

Estacion de Ferocaril de Madrid 
At the Linares-Baeza railway station which serves the line from Almeria to Madrid you can see neo-mudejar elements. Buy your tain tickets online here.

Cojunto Arqueologico de Castulo
An Archaeological site called Castulo is located about seven kilometers from the town of Linares.  It is one of the most important in Europe and covers a wide chronology  from the Neolithic to the time of the Ibero-Roman.  It was here that that the Carthaginian General Hannibal married the local Iberian princess Himilce on the eve of the Second Punic War.

Castillo de Tobaruela
Tobaruela Castle is located on the road that links Linares with Jabalquinto. Built in the fifteenth century on possibly other Muslim origin, it has a beautiful  keep in the form of a clover leaf.

El Piélago
Declared Natural Monument

Roman bridge

Two beautiful waterfalls, a forest of olive trees in the vicinity and abundant birds such as black kites and herons.

La Garza
Located the foothills of Sierra Morena, is a sports and leisure complex with pool, golf course and other facilities. 


To taste the traditional delicacies of the cuisine of Linares one must try dishes such as pipirrana minero, potatoes with peppers, called perolo and beans with ham. Desserts include turcas, el chachepol and himilces.


Feria de San Augustine
Each end of August is the summer feria including a ajor bullfighting festival, performances by  important musicians and theatrical performances. 

Linares International Chess Tournament
An world class International chess tournament took place in Linares from 1998 to 2010. World champion Garry Kasparov announced his retirement from chess after the 2005 tournament. The 2011 event was cancelled for economic reasons had the tournament has not been held since.

Art galleries

Galería de Arte Cristóbal Bejarano
Dedicated to promoting young artists, the has a series of exhibitions of contemporary art.
Calle Marqués de Linares 22. Tel. 953 696 168
Open Monday to Friday 17.30 to 21.00, Saturday 10.30 to 13.30 hrs

Galería Eduma.
Exhibitions of modern art take place at Galería Eduma.
Calle Isaac Peral 34. Tel. 953 696 326


The municipality of Linares is about 50 kilometers from the city of Jaen, from which can be reached by taking exit 3 of the A-44, then continue along the N-322.