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by Paz Rosado translated by Leoni Chaplow

The municipality of Guarromán located next to  the A-4  Madrid to Seville motorway  in the north of Jaen province. The village, today with a population of 3.000 is one of a small group of 'new towns of the Sierra Morena' founded by King Charles III in second half of the 18th Century.  See history of new town in  La Carolina. The original inhabitants were German.  Guarromán was founded on the site of the roadside Venta de Guadarromán. Avenida de Andalucia is the main street formed from the old road after the through traffic by-passed the village on the motorway.   


Iglesia de la Inmaculade Concepcioin
The Church of the Immaculate Conception  built in the eighteenth century located in the plaza de la Constitution.

Posito de labradores
The granary  also built in the eighteenth century, has been restored as a public library.


Ancient Roman villas
Mining for  lead and silver was carried out in the vicinity hence there are a number of archeological sites.  

La Aldea de los Rios
Los Rios is a satellite district to the north which was founded in the eighteenth century. It features a European style Baroque square.

Other hamlets administratively belonging to the village are Zocueca, Martín Malo, El Atico.


In the gastronomy of Guarromán they include delicacies like puff pastry, shortbread, donuts of anise, polvorones, marzipan, cakes and anise oil. Another typical porridge flour, dip of cod, red pepper asaílla and pipirrana.


A festival on Easter Sunday which gives away decorated eggs and is based on the legend of the red egg. That is that eggs were found reddened by the blood in the place where Jesus was crucified .

San Isidro Labrador
On the 15th May a procession on horseback and decorated floats to the edge

Fiestas de Olivar
In the second half of July the Olive festival, includes sporting and musical concerts and also a Silvestrimo contest in which the judges decide on the most beautiful birdsong.


Guarromán is 55 kilometers from Jaen, where we can reach by road J-14 and A-44 take exit towards Madrid 0. From the A-4 take exit 283 towards Guarromán.