Furniture Packs

Relax with family and new friends in your new home in the sun © Michelle Chaplow
Relax with family and new friends in your new home in the sun

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Furniture Packs

Furniture packs are the ultimate solution for busy people who wish to furnish a new property in southern Spain – or completely renovate a home after years of wear and tear.



Companies offering package deals on furniture generally offer you a personalised service which involves an interview with a professional who takes you through a wide array of choices that fit within your chosen price range. One of the main benefits is that all of the choices are usually co-ordinated into colour schemes that have been created by expert decorators.

While furnishing a house or apartment in southern Spain can literally take months as you comb shops in search for just what your looking for and then wait until items are available and delivered, the furniture pack option can take only two or three hours to put together and then as little as four weeks to deliver and install.

Particularly for those who do not speak Spanish, this is a stress saving option. However, many who have lived for years in Andalucia will appreciate the chance to avoid the massive amount of time and energy it takes to completely outfit a home in this country.



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