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Buyers Agent

Buying a property abroad can seem a daunting prospect for many reasons, none least of which are the language barrier and the difficulty in understanding foreign laws and legal documentation. Foreigners have been buying properties in Andalucia and along the Costa del Sol for decades. The majority of these individuals will have not experienced any significant problems, however horror stories abound whereby people have faced unexpected costs at some stage of the purchase process.

There is a huge variety of real estate agents catering to the foreign buyer both inland and along the coasts of Andalucia. These agencies will vary in their specializations, experience and abilities. The vast majority will be honest and will successfully help you find, negotiate for and buy your dream property. All real estate agents share one common factor however, which is that they take a commission from the sale of the property. They are the agent of the seller and not the buyer and they will have  a contract with the seller and not the buyer of the propery. This can lead to some less scrupulous agents pushing through sales that are perhaps not in the best interest of the buying client.

Alternatively there are individuals and companies who offer their services as a buying agent who act on behalf of the buyer and take no commissions from any third party. In the past in Spain this service was provided by a 'corredor' which still existed especially in rural areas until fairly recently.

These days professional search companies can help find you a property based on your specification, assist you through the buying procedure and some will go further and help with any build and management that may be required. In order to retain complete independence, their commission should come directly from the buying client and not from any third parties. Typically their experience, local contacts and negotiating ability will more than repay their fees. Below you will find links to websites offering this independent buying agents service along with links to other pages of relevant information.

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