Tuberculosis in Andalucia

Local health centres are in charge of providing treatment for tuberculosis sufferers and for keeping tabs on the problems in terms of how it affects the local population or specific groups.

Anyone with symptoms of tuberculosis should receive a full range of tests. If the disease is confirmed then treatment is prescribed and follow-up tests are carried out one month after the initial treatment begins and again at the two and four month points.

If you suspect that someone has TB, report it to your local health authorities. As this illness poses a serious threat to public health they are especially on the lookout for people on the streets or with substance abuse problems who might be unable to detect the problem in themselves.

Our regional health authorities have even made provisions to track down and supervise anyone with tuberculosis who does not follow through with treatment or who does not seem able to follow a treatment plan on their own. Let's hope that this is one public service that is carried out with zeal!
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