Youth Health in Andalucia

The regional government's health organisation, SAS, has general targets for reducing health risks for young people in our part of the country. The main concerns will not surprise parents: drug, alcohol, tobacco abuse, unplanned pregnancy, traffic accidents, and the beginnings of domestic violence.

In order to reduce the risk of death, injury or health problems among the young, SAS is open to working with women's institutes, schools and municipal youth centres in addition to providing services at local health clinics.

Local health clinics offer young people the opportunity to stop in at any time for free counselling, especially when it comes to "family planning". In that department, they are eligible for free contraceptives and possibly emergency birth control, such as the "day after" pill. All they need to do is stop in and ask at reception. Their right to privacy is to be respected by not opening files or recording information in health records unless medical personnel determine that follow-up will be required.
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