Medical Hotels and Medical Spas

A balanced diet improves health and well being. © istockphoto
A balanced diet improves health and well being.

Medical Hotels and Medical Spas

Medical hotels and medical spas in Andalucia and particularly on the Costa del Sol can provide luxury accommodation and personalised service to guests who wish to improve health, wellness and well being.

In southern Spain you will find hotels that provide medical and aesthetic treatments, often specialising in such programmes as weight loss, stress reduction or aesthetic surgery. These are five star facilities with highly trained staff and on site medical clinics, spa facilities and services and even surgery theatres with both resident staff and specialists who fly in from the most prestigious clinics across the country and abroad.

A medical hotel and spa is a wonderful place to meet with specialists in endocrinology who not only assess a patient’s current status, but also develop a long term plan and provide education and training that will equip the patient to continue improving long after completing the programme. What’s more, during a stay in a medical hotel that specialises in weight loss, the fabulous five star food served is tailored to the needs of those seeking to lose weight.



Medical hotels are also attractive to patients with heart problems. A full cardiological exam in the relaxing setting of a five star hotel and spa can set the scene for the learning and lifestyle changes needed to manage heart conditions and improve quality of life.

Those seeking aesthetic surgery also find the perfect solution at a medical hotel and spa where they can recover with five star assistance and the best spa treatments under medical supervision after surgery.

Many medical hotels and spas in Andalucia also specialise in detoxification programmes which provide a wide array of detox treatments, special diets and other actitivies designed to clean the body from the inside out and launch guests on a healthy path before they leave the hotel.

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