Emergency Services

This is your ticket to emergency aid in Andalucia:

Emergency Telephone Number = 112

You should be able to obtain help in English by ringing 112. Be prepared to give the patient's age, a description of the emergency and your exact location.

In an emergency, a hospital must treat you, regardless of your ability to pay. If you are physically able, you can go to a hospital emergency or casualty department (Urgencias) or a 24-hour public health clinic.

The telephone numbers of first aid stations are listed at the front of telephone directories and many of these stations are equipped with ambulances. Check in advance which local hospitals are equipped to deal with emergencies and the quickest route from your home. Most chemists post a list of local clinics and hospitals where emergency medical treatment is available. This information may be of vital importance in the event of an emergency.



Emergency Department at Hospitals

If you must use the Urgencias department of a hospital, the procedure is as follows:

Staff at the reception desk will ask for your personal information and a description of your medical problem. They will then decide whether you need immediate attention or are able to wait.

If you must wait, then your name is called - listen carefully - you will be allowed one person to accompany you to see the doctor. The rest of the family must stay in the waiting room.

At some hospitals, children waiting for the paediatrician are kept in a special waiting area with their families so that nurses can take temperatures and carry out other minor procedures thus speeding up the process.

However, if you are put in a waiting room, don't expect the wait to be speedy.


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