Oxygen Hyberbaric Therapy Malaga

Hyperbaric Therapy (Oxygen Therapy)

Hyperbaric therapy (hiper-high, bar-unite of pressure) is a medical treatment administered inside a hyperbaric chamber to the patient who breathes 100% oxygen at a pressure twice or three times higher than the atmospheric pressure at sea level, the process is also known as oxygen therapy.



According to physical laws, this treatment increases the amount of oxygen in blood and in body tissues, providing a therapeutic effect.

The hyperbaric chamber has been used for decades in many countries around the world, with beneficial results of hyperbaric therapy documented in international scientific literature and available via the internet.


There are four types of help that Hyperbaric therapy offers athletes in sport: 

  • In periods of intense training increases the adaptive capacity of organism, so that the effects of such training are accentuated. The results are less fatigue and increased brands without strenuous effort.
  • Eliminates the symptoms of overtraining, being able to continue with their rhythm of preparation without needing the rest that would be essential in other circumstances.
  • After the competition accelerates the recovery of the athlete.
  • If soft or bone injuries occur, HBO associated with other medical therapies halves recovery time.

EFFECTS of the hyperbaric chamber

• Hyperbaric therapy improves oxygen delivery to tissues affected by circulatory problems and previous radiation.
• Reduces tissue edema and inflammation.
• Stimulates angiogenesis (formation of new blood capillaries).
• Increases the collagen production (the essential substance for skin repair), accelerating wound and ulcer healing.
• Delimits repairable tissues from the non viable ones, favouring more conservative surgery.
• Promotes the formation of bone tissue (osteogenesis) in the consolidation of fractures.
• Presents direct and indirect antibacterial activity.
• Facilitates the elimination of carbon monoxide (CO) from the organism in carbon monoxide poisonings (CO) accelerating the rate of CO dissociation from hemoglobin.

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Many people will never have heard of Hyperbaric Medicine but it is a form of treatment wich has been in existence for over 300 years and has proven to be extremely effective.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy consists of placing the patient in a chamber where the air pressure is higher than normal, so they can breathe 100 per cent pure oxygen.

Under these conditions, the oxygen has a therapeutic effect and is especially recommended for reducing inflammation and oedema, relieving the effects of radiotherapy treatments, accelerating recovery from neurological damage, stimulating collagen, encouraging the healing of difficult injuries and diabetic foot problems, improving recovery from sports injuries and chronic tiredness.

In fact, the oxygen circulating through the blood at a higher concentration than usual provides a general improvement in the organism.