Organ Donors in Andalucia

Organ Donors

Andalucia has one of the highest levels of organ donor participation in Spain and possibly Europe. This is measured by the percentage of the population that agrees to donate organs and tissues of recently passed loved ones.

If you wish to ensure your organs are donated after your passing, there is an organ donor card you can obtain through the regional government. This is a card you would carry with you along with your identification. However, even though you have the card, your family members could override your wishes if they disagreed with your choice. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to discuss your plans with them and to gain their support.

In the case you have family support, the organ donor card can be useful in reducing the stress on loved ones should a tragedy occur. You can also register your final wishes in a living will.

To find out where to obtain an application for the card in your area, ring 901 40 00 43.

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