Traditional Spas in Andalucia

Alhama de Granada
Alhama de Granada

Balneario - Traditional Spas in Andalucia

Traditional medicinal spas operate across the region, and are generally visited for healing. If you're in good health they can be visited, for rest, relaxation and curiosity but the discerning tourist is more likely to feel at home in the pampering surroundings of the modern beauty clinics and spa resorts.

These traditional Spa are long established and are located at the source of natural spring waters. They are classified as either sedative or stimulant depending on the mineral content of their waters.

Sedative waters are typical used to treat respiratory, heart and circulatory problems as well as nervous disorders. Waters described as stimulating seem to improve the skin and help with depression. Both types of water, when warm, are recommended for rheumatism and arthritis sufferers.

Climate is another factor to keep in mind when searching for a spa. "For example, problems with arthritis improve in a mild, dry, sunny climate that isn't too windy and not at too high an altitude," Doctor María Elena Fernández recently told reporters from Salud Magazine in a recent spa special. "Respiratory problems get worse in cold, dry conditions. Heart conditions worsen with altitude and lower atmospheric pressure." For this reason she recommends carefully taking climate in account and striving to find a spa that matches ideal mineral content with the perfect geographical and weather conditions.

Finally, it is imperative that any spa you visit for medical purposes has qualified doctors on site, who can prescribe the most effective use of the waters for your particular condition.

Below is a list of the Spas which provide a range of medical treatments.

The wonderful 18th century two-storey building, which now houses the Sierra Alhamilla Balneario (Spa), was restored from ruins in 1984 by Isidro Perez, its present day owner. Originally built on… More →

The Balneario Fuenteamarga is at the seaside town of Chiclana, which is situated 24 kilometers from Cadiz and 50 kilometers from Jerez It is just 5 kilometers from the Playa de la Barrosa, a very… More →

The Balneario de Fuente Amarga (Bitter Fountain) was established in 1867 and its waters declared for public use in 1871. It is located in the village of Tolox one hours drive inland from Marbella… More →

Traditional medicinal spas operate across the region, and are generally visited for healing. If you're in good health they can be visited, for rest, relaxation and curiosity but the discerning… More →

The Traditional Spa, or 'Balneario', San Nicolas, is 25 kilometers from the town of Almeria, and is situated 445 meters above sea level on the hillside of the Gador Mountain. The Spa is built at… More →

Jaen is in the north east of Andalucia and tourists do not often visit Jaen. The mood of the city is more somber than other Andalucian towns, but the Cathedral is well worth a visit.

Lanjarón is famous in Spain and abroad for its drinking water, bottled and sold nationwide. The Spa is one of the best known in Andalucia thanks to the successful marketing of its drinking water… More →

This Spa is situated in the village of Baños, in the Cortes and Graena district of the Province of Granada. It is 8 kilometers from Guadix and 50 kilometers from Granada city and sits at 950… More →

Situated in the foothills of Sierra Blanquilla, the small village of Carratraca is known as the Diamond of Malaga and its sulphurous spring waters have been recognised since Roman times as… More →

The location of this Spa gives it a rare, spectacular beauty. Near the convergence of the two rivers Fardes and Gor, this Thermal Centre is an oasis in the middle of dramatic desert like area. In… More →

This Spa, which is three kilometers outside of the village Alhama de Granada, 55 kilometers from Granada city. The Balneario Alhama de Granada nestles in between lush green mountains and is beside… More →

Which Spas?

San Nicolás, Fuente Amarga, Alhama de Granada ,Graena, Lanjarón, San Andrés, Carratraca

All Andalusian spas, with the exception of Carratraca, offer treatments for respiratory problems.

Kidneys/Urinary Tract
San Nicolás, Lanjarón, San Andrés, Tolox

Digestive System
San Nicolás, Lanjarón, Alicún de Torres, San Andrés

Skin Conditions
Fuente Amarga Chiclana, Graena, Carratraca

Heart/Circulatory System
Alicún de las Torres, San Andrés, Carratraca

Balneario Hotels

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Hotel del Balneario

Hotel del Balneario is located just 5 minutes’ walk from Tolox, close to the Sierra de las Nieves Nature Reserve. It offers air-conditioned rooms, a beautiful large garden and a restaurant.

All rooms feature elegant décor and offers nice garden or courtyard views. They are all fully-equipped with TV, minibar and a private bathroom.

Hotel Balneario de Zújar

Surrounded by nature in an area famous for the Zujar Thermal Baths, Balneario de Zújar is set overlooking the Negratín Reservoir. It features an on-site restaurant.

Air-conditioned rooms are individually decorated and include a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom with a hairdryer. Free Wi-Fi is available in public areas.


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