Balneario Sierra Alhamilla, Almeria

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Balneario Sierra Alhamilla

The wonderful 18th century two-storey building, which now houses the Sierra Alhamilla Balneario (Spa), was restored from ruins in 1984 by Isidro Perez, its present day owner. Originally built on Roman and Arabic ruins, it took 8 years of painstaking work to bring it back to its original historic beauty and retaining its authentic medieval atmosphere. The building sits 461 meters above sea level at the entrance to the Sierra de Alhamilla Natural Area.

Ascend from Pechinas near Almeria up to the end of the mountain road. Next to a collection of houses somewhat reminiscent of an Andean village is the Spa, or Balneario, of Sierra de Alhamilla. The hot spring water is still used by the villages for their laundry.

The natural water temperature is 58ºC, with a flow of 603 litres per minute.

The spa has the double advantage of the solitude and tranquility of the Alhamilla mountainside.

Beside the spa there is a source of constantly flowing thermal water and because of its renowned restorative powers, at weekends people come from all around to fill up containers with this curative water. As well as taking advantage of the salutary virtues of natural spa waters, those who visit Alhamilla also come to relax and enjoy themselves. The guests at the hotel are free to bathe in the private natural water baths in the day or the evening. There is a fine restaurant with an outdoor terrace which is popular on a Sunday lunch time.

The Spa offers therapeutic remedies for: the digestive system (gastritis and peptic ulcers), reduces kidney and bladder stones, helps flush out uric acid, rheumatism, arthritis, gout, rehabilitation after injury, nervous system (stress and anxiety).

Treatment Methods: Drinking water, outdoor thermal pool with underwater jets, bubble massage baths, jets, vapour, massage, inhalations, aerosols and mudpacks.

The treatment rooms are open all the year round from 07:00 - 12:00 (if demand is such, it can open for longer daily hours).

Tel: + (34) 950 317 413

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