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Sierra Alhamilla

Much of the interior of Almeria province is semi-arid steppe. It is a parched, lunar landscape of low, mostly barren mountains and dried-up river beds, like a scene from the North American Wild West and it´s no surprise that this is where many spaghetti westerns were shot. You can visit Mini Hollywood, near Tabernas, a reconstructed former film set where A Fistful of Dollars and many other westerns were made, or the two other Wild West theme parks. With carful research you can still uncover some of the original locations plus more recent ones such as Game of Thrones

Two sections of this desert in particular have exceptional geological features: the Karst en Yesos de Sorbas Natural Area, the most outstanding gypsum landscape in Spain, and the strangely eroded mountains of the Desierto de Tabernas Natural Area.     On the southern limit of the Sierra de Alamilla Natural Area is found the delightful Hotel Balnario de Sierra Alhamilla which is accessed on a mountain road from Pechina.