Balneario San Nicolas, Almeria

Balneario San Nicolas

The Traditional Spa, or 'Balneario', San Nicolas, is 25 kilometers from the town of Almeria, and is situated 445 meters above sea level on the hillside of the Gador Mountain. The Spa is built at the foot of the town, Cerro Milano. The nearest villages are Canjíyar, Tabernas and Gérgal.

The Spa building looks out from its natural terrace on which it is built, over the valleys of Andarax and Nacimiento, towards Almeria's so-called 'Gateway to the Alpujarras'. The Spa Hotel offers programmes and packages including treatments and accommodation.

The Hyper thermal natural waters have a temperature of 46º and contain bicarbonates, sulphates, calcium, magnesium and iron.

This spa offers therapeutic Remedies for: Rheumatism, arthritis, rehabilitation after injury, respiratory problems, digestive system, kidneys/urinary tract, anxiety, obesity, stress and cellulite.

Treatments on offer are: Thermal bath, special circular showers, jet spray, hydro massage, inhalations, aerosols, vapour, massage, sauna, pool and gymnasium.

The spa is open from 1st February to the 15th December.

Tel: + (34) 950 641 361


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