Balneario San Andrés, Jaen

Balneario San Andrés

Jaen is in the north east of Andalucia and tourists do not often visit Jaen. The mood of the city is more somber than other Andalucian towns, but the Cathedral is well worth a visit.

The Balneario (Traditional Spa) dates back to roman times and is beautifully situated in countryside surrounded by thick vegetation, pine forest and olive groves. It has recently been carefully refurbished, to bring out its fine Islamic architecture. The hotel has 56 bed spaces, is at an altitude of 554 meters above sea level.

Therapeutic properties of the waters, which have a natural temperature of 20ºC are: Bicarbonates, calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium.

Treatment offered for: digestive system, kidney and urinary tract, respiratory system, rheumatic complaints, circulatory problems, nervous disorders and gynecological matters.

Treatment Methods: Baths, drinking water, Jacuzzi baths, hydro massage, jet spray, inhalations, massage, sauna.

The Spa is open all the year round.

Tel: 953 799 701


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