Balneario de Lanjarón, Granada

Balneario de Lanjarón

Lanjarón is famous in Spain and abroad for its drinking water, bottled and sold nationwide. The Spa is one of the best known in Andalucia thanks to the successful marketing of its drinking water. It has five natural springs of medicinal waters and is often referred to as the 'Fountain of Health'. The water originates from the Sierra Nevada (Snow Mountains) and the town is often referred to as the main gateway to the 'Alpujarra' mountains, which back on to the Sierra Nevada ski station.

The Spa is in the centre of the town of Lanjarón, which is 43 kilometers from Granada. It is 500 meters above sea level. The climate is fresh in summer, with temperatures rarely going above 28ºC and winters are generally mild, with minimum temperatures of around 12ºC.

The properties of the waters include: sodium/calcium, bicarbonates, diuretic, digestive and iron.

Therapies offered for: digestive system, rheumatism, respiratory problems, stress and nervous system.

Treatments on offer: Drinking water, Jacuzzi baths, underwater massage, jet and circular sprays, inhalation, steam, mud baths, massage, reflexology, electrotherapy and lymphatic drainage.

There are numerous hotels and hostels in the village of Langaron. The Spa has a large ballroom and magnificent chandeliers which testify to the importance of the Spa in a bygone age.

The spa is open from March to December.

Tel: + (34) 958 770 454


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