HIV Positive / AIDS

HIV Positive / AIDS

This programme is, above everything else, supposed to be confidential.

If you think you could be at-risk for exposure to HIV, visit your family doctor to ask about testing. In theory, testing is to be available to anyone who asks for it as well as patients who have HIV symptoms and those who are especially at risk.

The HIV Positive programme aims to provide advice and education to those at-risk of contracting the virus. It is also aimed at those who have tested HIV positive and have not yet developed any symptoms of the disease as well as those suffering from AIDS and in need of on-going treatment and medication.

For HIV Positive and AIDS victims living on the Costa del Sol, Concordia is an excellent organisation that works with both sufferers and their families to provide support and help in a variety of ways. To contact Concordia for more information, ring 952 78 59 97.

The Andalusian Public Health System (SAS) does cover the cost of anti-AIDS medication.
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