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Home Visits

Home Visits

There are a number of instances in which doctors or nurses can be sent to your home. Technically this is something that should be offered to you in times of need, however, in practice you're dealing with a public system and you would do well to know your rights and then insist on them (if necessary try "polite pleading" as it often has good results).

For example, if you or a family member or friend is being discharged from hospital after surgery and the situation looks complicated, ask about having a nurse visit the home within the 48 hours following discharge. This service is available if a doctor orders it. Theoretically, if you are recommended for this service someone should ring from your local health clinic within 24 to 48 hours after discharge from hospital to arrange a home visit in order to evaluate the patient and, if necessary, create a plan for further home visits/care.

Anyone with serious mobility problems should apply at their local health clinic for an evaluation by medical personnel in order to see if they qualify for home visits and perhaps any other kind of home care or services available through the public health system. This kind of evaluation is generally provided for invalids, people who are severely handicapped, fragile and infirmed elderly persons, the terminally ill and others for whom it is genuinely impractical to make visits to the local clinic.

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