Flu Jab

Flu Jab

Every autumn health officials across southern Spain start to rally their forces for the annual flu jab campaign. As a norm, Andalucia has enough flu vaccines for everyone in need.

When it comes to the flu, the population is divided into four different groups with special attention paid to those in the high and moderate risk groups. You are considered high risk for flu complications (thus definitely in need of a jab) if you're over 65 years old, suffer from chronic illness and live in an institution or - regardless of age - have pulmonary or cardiovascular problems. You are at moderate risk if you have a chronic illness or if you are taking aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) on a long term basis (which may put you at risk for developing Reyes Syndrome).

Another sector of the population that is generally included in the flu jab campaign includes healthcare workers and those who care for people at risk of developing complications from the flu. The rest of us fall in a category labeled "other" and we generally need to consult our family doctor should we wish to be vaccinated.

If you fall into one of the three target sectors of the population you should stop by your health centre or ring the free phone Salud Responde around mid-September for information regarding the exact dates for the upcoming campaign and also to find out how your local clinic plans to carry out the programme. In some cases you will need to make an appointment whereas in others you may be able to walk in during certain hours.

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