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Cosmetic Surgery in Spain

by Dee McMath

Most of us think of Spain as a number one holiday destination for the UK and other Northern European countries. It is now becoming a top medical tourism destination as well, with cosmetic surgery high on the agenda.

Many of those seeking cosmetic surgery head for southern Spain, the Costa del Sol, in particular, which has a number of high class hospitals and clinics. These are in tandem with the reputation for glitz and glamour on this stretch of Spain’s coast.

The first thing you will notice about cosmetic surgery in Spain is that virtually everyone you deal with will speak English. The other attraction for Europeans is that it’s only a short flight from most major capitals. The UK, for example, is well connected, with just about every airport offering a daily service to Malaga’s Pablo Picasso International Airport, one of the busiest in Europe.

Spain has strict rules about the practice of cosmetic surgery and surgeons must be on the specialist register of Plastic Surgery before they can undertake cosmetic work. It is important to check credentials and ensure that you are dealing with certified professionals. You may find professionals who are also registered with the General Medical Council in the UK or the pertinent councils in other countries. Again, it is a good idea to go to the source and check credentials.

For patients coming from the UK, it is helpful to know that a number of providers now offer consultations and follow up care back in the UK which is another bonus for clients.

Cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dentistry are still cheaper in Spain than in countries such as the UK. Lower prices do not, however, reflect on the quality of the facilities which, generally, are excellent. Expect to save around 30% on UK prices for cosmetic surgery and more if you are considering multiple procedures. Cosmetic dentistry has potentially even greater savings, with dental implants being particularly good value at up to 50% less than the UK.

Most clinics on the coast offer free consultations and it’s always a good idea to get a least two opinions before you make a decision. Together with the growth of spas and beauty centres the Costa del Sol has everything for those looking to turn back the clock.

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