Cosmetic Surgery advice

Cosmetic Surgery Advice

Something to consider if you are contemplating having cosmetic surgery on the Costa del Sol, or anywhere in Andalucia, is that it is your responsibility to make sure your aims are clear and that you fully understand the implications of the procedure. While it is possible to find a very good plastic surgeon who speaks English, he or she may either be native Spanish or perhaps from another European country.

Once you are confident that the doctor is fully qualified to operate, make sure there are no communication breakdowns. The high demand for plastic surgery has attracted many foreign doctors, but some may be here for the wrong reasons. A dedicated doctor will not only be interested in financial gain. Choose your clinic and your doctor carefully.

Having given all the cautionary tales, it is also true that many satisfied clients are alive and well and looking younger and more gorgeous than ever. The trick is not to overdo it. Just consider for a moment Michael Jackson. Some people become addicted to plastic surgery and the results are neither cheap nor flattering.

If you are contemplating surgery of this kind, it is be worth visiting a nutritionist beforehand to get advise on what you should eat and drink (and what to avoid) prior to your operation. Certain foods and supplements before the operation could mean quicker healing and minimal scarring in the long term. You can also seek advice on nutrients to take afterwards to help your total recovery, as well as oils, such as Vitamin E to use directly on the scars at the appropriate time.

It is also worth noting before you embark on any surgery, that you should not expose scars to strong direct sunlight for quite some time (probably a year) after your operation.