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The Flamencos of Cadiz Bay by Gerald Howson


The Flamencos of Cadiz Bay

Author:  Gerald Howson
ISBN:  9780933224728
Publisher:  The Bold Strummer
Date First Published:  01/11/1994

Gerald Howson went to Cadiz in Andalusia, Spain to learn Flamenco in the 50's. There the gaditanos (as the people from Cadiz are known) first regarded him as an oddity but gradually came to accept him. This is his account of their way of life, and it is regarded as one of the seminal works on flamenco and is essential reading for anyone interested in Flamenco. Central to the story is Aurelio Selles (Aurelio de Cadiz), one of the greatest of the old time singers. This second revised edition was published in 1994: the pseudonyms of some of the characters who had passed away were reverted to their true names, and a postscript has been added about the changes in Cadiz and Flamenco since that time.


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