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Two Middle-aged Ladies in Andalusia
Two Middle-aged Ladies in Andalusia

Two Middle-aged Ladies in Andalusia

Author: Penelope Chetwode
ISBN: 9781906011680
Publisher: Eland Publishing Ltd
Date First Published: 07/03/2012

Penelope Chetwode's sole companion on her ride over the disused mule tracks and goat paths in the wilds of Andalusia in 1961 was the twelve-year-old bay mare, La Marquesa. This treasured animal, borrowed from the Duke of Wellington's Spanish stables, is the ‘other' of the two middle-aged ladies of the title. La Marquesa brought her experience of native travel conditions to the expedition, which was first initiated by the author's fondness for the works ofsuch early British travellers to Spain as George Borrow and Richard Ford.



Together the two travellers brought out the very best in their Spanish hosts, whether met on the road, in a country Inn, a cave-house or during Penelope's frequent attendance at unexpected Church services. The result is a journey, through the region north from Granada, told in a compelling style with warmth and wit, humour and candour that is underlit by an infectious personal fascination for horses, God and Spain. The author, who writes under her maiden name, was already an experienced traveller in India and Italy, the daughter of a famous British cavalry general and the wife of one of England's best-loved poets and pioneering conservationist, John Betjeman.