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Books - Seeking Silverio


Author:  Paco Sevilla
ISBN:  9780964637443
Publisher:  Sevilla Press
Date First Published:  01/12/2012

Renowned writer and researcher Paco Sevilla, aware of the great wealth of flamenco knowledge available but inaccessible because of language barriers, sets out to produce a readable history around the lives of great artists from the early years. Seeking Silverio is certainly that.

    "I chose to write in the form of an historical novel hoping to produce a work that could be read and enjoyed by a wide audience while creating a coherent overview of flamenco's richest period of development," he says in an introduction.

    "It is more than a novel and a history. It also serves as a textbook of early flamenco. Styles and forms of song, dance and guitar playing are discussed in detail, including information that has not previously appeared in print."

His principal character meets during his search for Silverio, singers such as Juan Breva, Enrique el Mellizo, Antonio Chacon; guitarists Javier Molina, Juan Habichuela; dancers  Fernanda and Juana Antúnez,  and Juana la Macarrona. He is based on the life of Antonio Chacon, the only flamenco singer to be awarded the prefix "Don", a title at that time reserved for the aristocracy. He died penniless in 1929 at the age of 60.

So who was Silverio? Silverio Franconetti, born 1831, regarded as one of the greatest all-round singers in documented history.