Andalucia has been home to many celebrities and famous people in the past, including Athletes, writers, historians and religious figures. Below is a list of famous people that are from, or have once lived in, Andalucia.

Andalucia has been home to world-famous writers, poets and philosophers during the course of history, including the poet, playwright and theatre director Federico Garcia Lorca. Listed below are a number of famous writers and poets who have roots in Andalucia.

Andalucia has seen some very important Government and Political figures over the years, including the U.S.A First Lady Michelle Obama. Listed below are the most important, both old and new, governmental and political figures in Andalucia.

Andalucia is known throughout the world as a reference for the world of bullfighting. Many great bullfighters have risen to fame while touring this region as well. This page is dedicated to those who have kept this ancient tradition alive in southern Spain. Meet the "Matadores".

Antonio Ordóñez

Bullfighter 1932-1998. More >

Some of the greatest names in art history have come from Andalucia, including painters Velázquez, Murillo and Pablo Picasso. At museums throughout the region you'll find displays of the creative vein that continues to run through southern Spain. On this page, you'll meet up with the people who established local artistic traditions.

Andalucia has both produced its own icons in this department, as well as attracted many more to its sunny climes. Here is a look at who's who in southern Spain whether you're looking for movie stars, actors for TV or theatre or models "Made in Spain".

Andalucia people, both those native to this region and those who have a relationship with southern Spain. From Roman emperors to Moorish caliphs and poets, from movie stars to models, singers, dancers and authors, the names and faces do much to tell the story of Andalucia.