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Chris Chaplow
Chris Chaplow

Chris Chaplow

Managing Director

Chris Chaplow was awarded an honours degree in Civil Engineering at King¹s College, London and worked in management on a number of major construction projects including the Watford Grandstand, the Twickenham South Grandstand and the Stavely bypass. He then worked on several infrastructure projects in Gibraltar and finally the Safeway (now Morrisons) Superstore, before his interest in Andalucia, photography and computers led him to Spain in 1991.

This commenced with the Andalucia Slide Library which began as the creation of a digitised database of Andalucian images (Spains first) and the perfecting of techniques for their transmission to the worldwide media via telephone. The internet became the obvious means by which to continue this work and resulted in the internet business founded with Chris Mason in Kingston upon Thames in London in 1996 which evolved into what is now is the market leader in its field and Chris´s business philosophy as the Managing director for the last 25 years, has always been first and foremost to be adaptable to change, to promote integrity, fairness, honesty and trust towards employees, clients and business partners.

Chris enjoys researching and writing pages for, particularly subjects that require detailed research and visits to archives. Such pages include HMS Sussex, Guadalcanal Mines, Rio Tinto Mines, Lady Mary Herbert de Powis, Joe Strummer in Andalucia.  His aim is always to provide the best page on the internet for given Andalucian subject.

A former member of the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain (BCCS), Chris Chaplow was elected to the Governing Council for two terms from 2008 to 2012 was appointed BCCS Secretary.

Chris was also elected Vice Chair for Finance and Operations of the Business Constituency of ICANN and was representative on the “Communications and Coordination Work Team” whose goal amongst other tasks was to develop new GNSO Website requirements. He was a member of the "Inter Register Transfer Policy Working Group” which reviews the policy on domain transfers and was Chair of the 'Commercial Stakeholders Working Group on ICANN Budget and the Operating Plan' as well as an observer on “Study Group on Use of Names for Countries and Territories.”

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