Don Lorenzo in Montefrio

Don Lorenzo in Montefrio

Poet and translator Lawrence Bohme ( Don Lorenzo) reminisces in five essays on the summer of 1960 and his discovery of the Montefrio which became his home. In the last three essays Lawrence returns to Montefrio in 1985, this time to live in the idealic 'Cortijo de los Siete Olivos'.

I. Montefrio, Last Stop - Poet and translator Lawrence Bohme reminisces on the summer of 1960 and his discovery of the Andalusian town which became his home.

II. The House at the Corner of Jesus - A tale which explains the reason for coming to Granada and the first impact with rural life in Andalucía.

III. The Butcher Who Sang Like a Bird - An account of a great Montefrio character, Manolo the butcher.

IV. Flamenco Summer - Lorenzo's tale of life in Montefrio during the summer of 1961.

V. The Englishman Goes Away - An account of the last summer spent in Spain during 1962, another 20 years would pass before Lorenzo returned to Montefrio.

VI. Visitor From the Past - 20 years later Lorenzo, now a 40 year old man, tells of his return to Montefrio.

VII. The Boat Leaves from Denia - Lorenzo's journey to Ibiza to visit an old friend, only to discover on arrival that the friend had died a few days earlier.

VIII. El Cortijo de los Siete Olivos - A fascinating insight into the history of Lorenzo's finca, the "Farm of the Seven Olive Trees".

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About the author

Laurence Bohme, better known as Don Lorenzo, first came to Granada as a student in 1960 and ended up living there, and in the nearby town of Montefrio, for over 25 years. As he explains, he came "for purely emotional, psychological, even amorous reasons, but nothing practical or financially motivated." He has written several books about Granada and the village of Montefrio, and a memoir. He specializes in Granada, Montefrio, history of the Moors, the Reconquest, and flamenco.

His books "Granada, City of My Dreams" and "Portrait of Montefrio", as well as his memoirs "Lorenzo, The Story of a Very Long Youth" (Parts 1 to 13) and other stories of Spain are published on Amazon Kindle.

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