In Search of Andalucia by Chris Wawn

Book - in search of Andalucia

If your idea of a holiday is sitting on the beach all day, think again. In Search of Andalucía will inspire you to explore further and appreciate the history behind Spain's most popular holiday destination.

This informative and humorous travel-book covers the Malaga Seaboard, including the celebrated Costa del Sol. The authors explore each town and 'pueblo' like the village elder, with amusing anecdotes and thought-provoking theories. Archaeological facts are brought to life and made relevant to the present day in this perceptive tribute to one of Spain's most historic and beautiful areas.

In Search of Andalucía is a guide in the most literal sense of the word. It cannot fail to entertain as well as to educate and, thanks to eighty stunning photographs, its as happy sitting on the coffee table as it is packed into a rucksack.

IN SEARCH OF ANDALUCIA was launched in April 2000. The second edition encompases many of the changes that have occurred due to man´s progress. This reflects changes brought about by new developments that now stretch almost non stop from Malaga to Gibraltar. Read about the authors at the book launch.

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