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Gypses and Flamenco by Bernard Leblon

Gypses and Flamenco
Gypses and Flamenco

gypses and flamenco


Author: Bernard Leblon, trans. Sinaed Shuinear
ISBN: 9781902806051
Publisher: University of Hertfordshire Press
Date First Published: 15/12/2003

This is a new edition of an account of the contribution of the Gypsies of Andalucia to the development of flamenco. It provides a fuller explanation of some of the technical terms and a biographical dictionary of the foremost Gyspy flamenco artists of the past.

About the Author Bernard Leblon's first contacts with the Gypsy world and with flamenco, in Seville in the 1950s, had a profound influence on his life. Since the 1960s he has been engaged in research into the history of the Gypsies of Spain, culminating, in 1980, in a doctoral thesis on the subject.

He set up a specialised research centre at the University of Perpignan, where he was professor of Hispanic studies until his retirement in 1994.

THE STORY of the emergence of the art of flamenco

A participant in flamenco congresses since 1982, and a member of the Andalucian Flamenco Foundation since its inception in 1987, he was a member of the board of directors of the Gypsy Research Centre of the University Rene Descartes and of its associated Research Group on the European Gypsy History.

Leblon's first work on flamenco, Musiques tsiganes et Flamenco (Gypsy Music Styles and Flamenco), co-published by Etudes Tsiganes* and Harmattan, 1990, was awarded the 1988 Andalusian Flamenco Foundation prize.








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