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Media in Andalucia

News and Media in Andalucia © iStock
News and Media in Andalucia

Media in Andalucia

A guide to aspect of the media industry in Andalucia. Covering Books, Films, Magazines and Newspapers, Maps, News, Photography Radio, Television.

Gibraltar has a media scene all its own which keeps both locals and visitors up to date from a variety of perspectives.

The Spanish are avid TV watchers (after the Americans and Brits, that is). Most TV's receive between five and six terrestrial channels. These are: TV1 - The state run flagship Television Española… More →

Newspapers, here we offer a list and links to the websites of the main provincial newspapers in Andalucia.

To see one of our general maps of Spain click on one of the links depending on which map of Spain that you want to see. These are simplified maps which will give you a good overall idea.

A list of English Language newspapers and magazines that you will find in Andalucia.

With its hugely varied landscapes and scenery, from arid deserts to spectacular mountains, Moorish towns and cities to pristine beaches, Andalucia is a film-makers’ dream. Little wonder, then,… More →

There are numerous bookshops in all the major towns and cities of Andalucia. All markets are catered for, and there are a number of English language Bookshops and other international language… More →

There are many English language radio stations in Andalucia, especially along the Costa del Sol and some inland areas where many English speaking residents have settled over the last few decades.… More →

Award-winning travel photographer and long-term resident, Michelle Chaplow gives advice on photographing in Spain. Spain is a vast country, and after living and working as a photographer here for… More →

Magazines about Andalucia and Spain which are printed and distributed internationally.

A list and brief description to the golf magazines that are printed and distributed on the Costa de Sol and Andalucia.

Guide to the general, lifestyle, household english language magazines available on Costa del Sol and Andalucia

Living in Andalucia