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Andalucia people, both those native to this region and those who have a relationship with southern Spain. From Roman emperors to Moorish caliphs and poets, from movie stars to models, singers, dancers and authors, the names and faces do much to tell the story of Andalucia.


Actors, Actresses & Models

Movie stars, actors for TV or theatre or models "Made in Spain". More >

Artists, Painters & Sculptors

Meet up with the people who established local artistic traditions. More >


Those who have kept this ancient tradition alive in southern Spain. More >

Musicians, Singers & Dancers

Andalucian flamenco artists travel the world, performing song and dance to Hispanophiles near and far. More >

Business People

Important business people from around Andalucia. More >

Government & Political People

Here we meet a mix of revolutionaries, political leaders and even a world famous judge. More >

Writers, Poets & Philosophers

A number of great thinkers associated with Andalucia. More >

Other Famous People

A wide array of other personalities associated with Andalucia. More >

Celebrity Chefs

Visit our gastronomy section for a number of great chefs. More >

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