Actors, Actresses and Models

Actors, Actresses and Models

Andalucia has both produced its own icons in this department, as well as attracted many more to its sunny climes. Here is a look at who's who in southern Spain whether you're looking for movie stars, actors for TV or theatre or models "Made in Spain".

Antonio Banderas

Actor 1960 - More >

Bibi Andersen

Actress. More >

Frank Sinatra

Actor and Singer. More >

Carmen Sevilla

Actress and Singer, 1930 - More >

Frank Sinatra

Actor and Singer - More >

Imna Cuesta

Actress 1980 - More >

Jesús Olmedo

Actor 1973 - More >

Penélope Cruz

Actress 1974 - More >

Vicky Berrrocal

Designer, TV presenter and Andalucian icon More >

Eva Longoria

Eva in Marbella summers since 2011 for Starlite Gala and Global Gift Gala More >

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