Actors, Actresses and Models

Actors, Actresses and Models

Andalucia has both produced its own icons in this department, as well as attracted many more to its sunny climes. Here is a look at who's who in southern Spain whether you're looking for movie stars, actors for TV or theatre or models "Made in Spain".

One of Britain's most adored female impersonators, and certainly one of the highest paid entertainers of his era, Dani La Rue, once owned a luxurious apartment in the Alkaid complex in the Lomo de… More →

Hollywood heartthrob, Anthony Quinn, also left his mark on the Pez Espada hotel whilst staying there during the filming of The Lost Command. On one occasion, the actor, a competent saxophonist,… More →

Frank Sinatra put the Hotel Pez Espada on the map after he was involved in a fracas while staying there during the filming of Von Ryan's Express. The incident involved a Spanish photographer and… More →

Remedios Cervantes Montoya (Malaga, June 20, 1964) is a Spanish actress, television presenter and model. Her election as Miss Spain1 in 1986, opened the doors to the world of fashion, to which she… More →

Designer, TV presenter and Andalucian icon Vicky Martin Berrocal, whose dresses have adorned Harrods' windows, talks exclusively to about her passion for fashion, flamenco and… More →

Penélope Cruz was born in Madrid on 28 August 1974 to Eduardo Cruz, a car salesman, and Encarna Sanchez, a hairdresser. While her beginnings were decidedly lower-middle class, this star-to-be… More →

American actress Melanie Griffith was well known in Spain for her acting career (Working Girl, The Bonfire of the Vanities) long before 1996. But as a star, she shot into the Spanish-celeb… More →

We find the handsome young Sevillian on set to film the second series of TV drama, Hispania, La Leyenda (The Legend of Spain). He plays Marco, the first-in-command to the Roman Praetor Galba,… More →

Born in Valencia but considering herself an adopted Andalusian, Inma Cuesta achieved fame thanks to her role as Margarita in the successful television series Aguila Roja. She has just finished… More →

The well-known Spanish actress and singer, Carmen Sevilla was born Carmen García Galisteo in Seville on the 16th October 1930. From an early age she was involved in the world of theatre and dance… More →

Bibiana Manuela Fernández Chica (Tangier, February 13, 1954), formerly known artistically as Bibi Ándersen and later as Bibiana Fernández, is a film and theater actress, singer, circus drag queen… More →

This highly acclaimed actor has it all – the looks, the charm, the drive, the energy, and the creativity. Star of innumerable Hollywood movies, Banderas is one of Andalucia’s most famous, and… More →

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