Musicians, Singers and Dancers

Singer-songwriter David Bisbal, Originally from Almería
Singer-songwriter David Bisbal, Originally from Almería

Musicians, Singers and Dancers

Andalucía is home to a multitude of singers, bands and dancers, and has drawn others from across the world for many years. Everywhere you go, the region is full of artistic expression and a testament to this is the continuous success that artists have had, and keep on achieving, in this area.

In this section you'll get to know a little bit more about popular singers, bands and dancers that are from or have visited Andalucía through our interviews and other insightful and detailed pages.

Blanca Paloma, Singer

Blanca Paloma Ramos Baeza is a Spanish singer, set designer and costume designer born in 1989 in Elche,… More →

From its inception, the punk movement rebelled against the status quo. Paloma Romero (aka Palmolive, member of the Slits and the Raincoats) found that this anarchical musical genre was the perfect… More →

Probably the town's most famous sons are the pop band, Danza Invisible. The band, which was formed in Torremolinos in 1981, has kept close links with the town, even though they are now based in… More →

One of today's most famous residents of Torremolinos is José Losada, the celebrated flamenco dancer artistically known as El Carrete de Málaga. Dubbed the 'Gypsy Fred Astaire', José has performed… More →

The legendary Dutch pianist Pia Beck owned the famous Blue Note Bar, which was situated in the Pasaje Begoña (now Pasaje Gil Vicente). This popular basement club's centrepiece was two grand pianos… More →

The first interesting connection between John Lennon and Andalucía was his trip to Torremolinos with The Beatles' manager, Brian Epstein, in the summer of 1963. They spent two weeks there on… More →

This 16-year-old multi-lingual, globe-trotting musician, actress and environmental campaigner, lived in Frigiliana for five years. Now the American child prodigy is back in Andalucia and is… More →

Joe Strummer (1952-2002) was founder and lead singer of the punk rock band The Clash. His life story and the rise and fall of The Clash are well documented. Less known, especially in the UK, is… More →

One can not learn to sing flamenco if it is not inside you. But talent is not enough to make it, especially if you have the ambition to extend your art beyond Spain. In the beautiful theatre… More →

Vicente Escudero was probably the most controversial flamenco dancer ever. His refusal to conform to tradition and his disregard of the “compas” (rhythm) made him the victim of much criticism. It… More →

José Fernandez Torre, or "Tomatito" (little tomato), as he is artistically known was born into a family of flamenco guitarists. His Grandfather was El Tomate Viejo (the old tomato), his uncle was… More →

Tomas Pavón, the younger brother of La Niña de los Peines, was a fine singer who preferred the lesser-known flamenco styles like the deblas and toñas. Unfortunately his career spanned what was… More →

Tomas el Nitri, considered one of the most important singers in the history of the cante flamenco, was born in Arcos de la Frontera some time around 1830 and died in 1890. There are as many myths… More →

Luis Montoya Garcés, or Tio Luis el de Juliana, as he was artistically known, was a gypsy water carrier who was born in Jerez de la Frontera in 1760, and he is the first recorded singer in the… More →

Terremoto was another famed singer to come from the Barrio Santiago district of Jerez de la Frontera. Fernando Fernández Monje was born in 1934, in the very heart of old Jerez and he was related… More →

In October this year, Tamara's latest and 10th album, Amores (Lovers) will be released. Are you thinking about launching another album yet or do you want to get the most out of this one first? In… More →

Manuel Soto Sordera was born in 1927 in the Barrio Santiago, the very core of the gypsy population in Jerez de la Frontera. He was born in a Casa de Vecino, or tenement block, which were typical… More →

Silverio Franconetti Aguila was born in Seville in 1831, but grew up in the place where his mother was born, Moron de la Frontera, a small town in the province of Seville. He was a legendary… More →

Sergio Aranda Santos isprobably the best dancer Málaga has produced for many years. This young “bailaor” (flamenco dancer) is set for a bright future, his dance is choreographed but not overly… More →

Sara Pereyra Baras was born in Cadiz in 1971 and from an early age received dance instruction from her mother. She had her first dance lessons at La Tertulia Flamenca de la Isla, in San Fernando,… More →

Augustín Castellón Campos or Sabicas as he was artistically known, was the first and probably the most well-known flamenco guitarist outside of Spain. He was born in Pamplona in 1913, although… More →

Jose Fernandez Granados was born in 1915, in Utrera, a small flamenco enclave just a few miles outside of Seville. Along with other heavyweight jondo singers like La Fernanda and Bernarda de… More →

Maria Fernandez Granados was born in Utrera in 1922, but she was not to become a professional singer until rather late in her life, she made her first recording with her sons when she was in her… More →

Pedro Peña is one of today's most respected flamenco guitarists, and with his background and schooling there is no wonder he is also one of the most sought after guitarists, especially with the… More →

Pedro Peña is one of today's most respected flamenco guitarists, and with his background and schooling there is no wonder he is also one of the most sought after guitarists, especially with the… More →

Pedro Bacán (Pedro Peña Peña) was born in Lebrija, Seville, in 1951, and like most gypsies from this part of Andalucía, flamenco was a natural ingredient in the process of growing up. He was born… More →

In full production mode with a new CD in the works, Pasión Vega made time in her diary to tell us that she feels very “Andaluz”, with a special soft spot for her hometown of Malaga. She would love… More →

Genius, maestro, virtuoso, even God, are all words that have been used to describe one of the most idolised guitarists in the history of flamenco. His real name was Francisco Sánchez Gómez, and as… More →

Paco del Gastor is one of the most outstanding descendants of Diego del Gastor, and he was the first member of the Gastor dynasty to leave Moron de la Frontera, heading to Madrid to make a name… More →

Manuel Serrapi Sanchez or Niño Ricardo, was born in Seville in 1909 and has inspired many of today's guitarists. Many flamenco guitarists use techniques that were created by Niño Ricardo and he is… More →

Manuel Moreno Junquera was born into the heart of the flamenco guitar world in 1956. His family is connected to some of the most illustrious names to come from Jerez de la Frontera, and his father… More →

Melchor Jiménez Torres arrived into the world in 1907, and by a very young age it was obvious that flamenco was part of his body. He eventually received the nickname, Melchor de Marchena, and has… More →

Matilda Corrales Gonzalez, who was born in Seville in 1935, is a dancer of the purest and most profound qualities of the baile flamenco. As a child Matilda Coral was greatly influenced by Pastora… More →

María del Monte Tejado Algaba is an Andalucian folk singer and TV and radio hostess. She's known as "La Reina de las Sevillanas" (The Queen of the Sevillanas).

Manuela Carrasco was born in Triana, Seville, in 1958, and from her early childhood displayed a natural instinct for flamenco dance. She was born into a family of gypsy flamenco artistes, her… More →

Manuel Soto Loreto was born in 1878 in Jerez de la Frontera, in the surroundings of the cattle ranches and vineyards where his parents worked. He would frequent the areas of the Barrio Santiago… More →

Manuel Ortega Juárez was born at nº 10 Lumbreras street, Seville, in 1910 and died in a car accident in Madrid in 1973. He has been described as the “drunkest, wildest, most argumentative flamenco… More →

The Caganchos were three gypsy blacksmiths who were born in Triana, Seville, during the nineteenth century. These brothers are remembered for their antiquated style of singing, especially with the… More →

Lola Flores was born María de los Dolores Flores Ruiz in Jerez de la Frontera on January 21st, 1923. Her family were poor and from as young as ten she would earn a few pesetas pocket money by… More →

La Paula, a gypsy dancer renown for her bulerias lived in the old flamenco district in Málaga known as El Perchel. Born in 1902 at number 16 Calle de los Negros, La Paula was the daughter of… More →

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