EL Chaparro de Málaga

One of the best and most established guitarists from Málaga is Jose Antonio Conejo Vida, alias El Chaparro de Málaga.

Born in 1971 this guitarist has played for some of the best flamencos in the business, including Miguel Poveda, La Cañeta de Málaga, Chano Lobato, Remedios Amaya, and Cancanilla de Marbella, with whom he still regularly performs.

He started to learn the guitar at the age of six years under the watchful eye of his father, Domingo El Chaparro, and has gone on to be one of the most sought after guitarists in the area.

He has spent many years as the regular guitarist for El Chino de Málaga, with whom he has recorded many records and this has given him the opportunity to play along side other great guitarists such as Tomatito and Vicente Amigo, who he participated with on these recordings.

The list of artists that he has been associated with during his career reads like a who's who of flamenco, and with names like José Mercé and Fosforito in the cante, and Farruquito in the baile, it shows how highly regarded this young guitarist is with in the flamenco world.
El Chaparro de Málaga has participated in many television productions including a tribute to Cameron de la Isla, a show that marked the fifth anniversary of his death. He also participated in the series Puro y Jondo, with La Cañeta de Málaga.
His style is slow and lazy when necessary and strong and rhythmic with the "rasgueado" when called for. El Chaparro is not a showman, never hogging the limelight; he is a good "jondo" accompanist and his intricate "falsettas" when playing por tangos are perfectly woven around the fast rhythms of the palmas.
When playing for Cancanilla de Marbella he displays his knowledge of accompanying the "cante" (song) and the "baile" (dance). The exciting style of song and dance produced by Cancanilla, especially in the surroundings of a small tavern or bodega, is when this excellent guitarists really shows his capabilities; evidence of why he is Malaga's top flamenco accompanist.



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