Julio Iglesias

Julio Iglesias will be perfoming at the Starlite Festival in Marbella on 3 August for which you can buy tickets here.

The world famous Spanish singer Julio Iglesias has deep roots in southern Spain. Although he was born in Madrid on September 23, 1943, his maternal grandfather Jose de la Cueva was pure Andaluz and a well known journalist in southern Spain.

The beaches of Torremolinos attracted Julio Iglesias long before he rose to fame on the wings of his talents as a composer and singer. In fact, he began as a football star, but a serious car accident left him partially paralised and forced him into a long period of rehabilitation. Part of that rehabilitation took place on the beaches of Torremolinos where his father, a doctor, took time away from his career to help his son regain the ability to walk – in spite of doctors’ prognosis that it would be impossible.

Julio did walk again and he went on to try his hand at singing in the Benidorm Music Festival in 1968 where he was proclaimed the winner on July 17 and then signed up by Discos Columbia, which is the Latin branch of Columbia Records. That was just the beginning of what would become a lifelong career.

Iglesias is well known as a perfectionist who creates every bit of music and works out every last lyric on his own. He spends a lot of time in the recording studios as well, as much time as it takes to get everything just right. And just right appears to have much to do with ensuring that his soul is laid appropriately bare in each and every strain of his music. And with romance as his theme, this approach has attracted fans, mainly female, in droves.

Another facet of Julio’s career has been its multilingual approach. In 1983 the Guiness Book of World Records handed him the Diamond Record Award to recognise that he had recorded more records in more languages than any singer in history. Today his music can be enjoyed not only in Spanish, but also in English, French, Portuguese, Italian and even Tagalog, Japanese and Bahasa Indonesian!

Today Julio Iglesias is a much loved visitor to the Costa del Sol where he has a magnificent home in Marbella. He graciously gives concerts from time to time in this southern Spanish city of his dreams where he enjoys good times with his partner, the gorgeous Dutch model Miranda Johanna Maria Rijnsburger, and their picture perfect, beautiful children.

Andalucia always welcomes this world great back home to the land of his roots. True, the land of his paternal grandparents have awarded him with the title of Ambassador of Galicia to the World, but Julio Iglesias appears to be more firmly rooted in warm, sunny, southern Spain.


  • Yo Canto (1969)
  • Gwendolyne (1970)
  • Por una mujer (1972)
  • Soy (1973)
  • Und das Meer singt sein Lied (1973)
  • A Flor de Piel (1974)
  • A México (1975)
  • El Amor (1975)
  • América (1976)
  • En el Olympia (1976)
  • Se mi lasci, non vale (1976)
  • Schenk mir deine Liebe (1976)
  • A mis 33 años (1977)
  • Sono Un Pirata, Sono Un Signore (1978)
  • Emociones (1978)
  • Aimer La Vie (1978)
  • Innamorarsi alla mia età (1979)
  • A vous les femmes (1979)
  • Hey! (1980)
  • Sentimental (1980)
  • Amanti (1980)
  • De niña a mujer (1981)
  • Fidèle (1981)
  • Zartlichkeiten (1981)
  • Minhas canções preferidas (1981)
  • Momentos (1982)
  • Momenti (1982)
  • Et l'amour créa la femme (1982)
  • In Concert (1983)
  • Julio (1983)
  • 1100 Bel Air Place (1984)
  • Libra (1985)
  • Un Hombre Solo (1987)
  • Tutto l'amore che ti manca (1987)
  • Non Stop (1988)
  • Raíces (1989)
  • Latinamente (1989)
  • Starry Night (1990)
  • Calor (1992)
  • Anche senza di te (1992)
  • Crazy (1994)
  • La carretera (1995)
  • Tango (1996)
  • My Life: The Greatest Hits (1998)
  • Noche de cuatro lunas (2000)
  • Una donna può cambiar la vita (2001)
  • Ao meu Brasil (2001)
  • Divorcio (2003)
  • Love Songs (2003)
  • En français (2004)
  • Love Songs - Canciones de amor (2004)
  • L'homme que je suis (2005)
  • Romantic Classics (2006)
  • Quelque chose de France (2007)
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