Sergio Aranda

Sergio Aranda Santos isprobably the best dancer Málaga has produced for many years. This young “bailaor” (flamenco dancer) is set for a bright future, his dance is choreographed but not overly polished, and he has “compas” (the much-coveted flamenco rhythm)and “gracia” (natural grace), two important elements of flamenco dance

Sergio Aranda excels in the styles of the “buleria seguidilla” and the “bambera, during which he teases the audience with his jacket like a bullfighter with his cape. Everything about this young dancer is flamenco; he has an impeccable sense of rhythm and an incredible knowledge of most of the flamenco styles.

He has a tall slim build and long hair that flows like a fan when he performs. His strutting routines are sharp and exciting and his dance is old school with a touch of young magic. His “zapateado”, or tap dance, is fast and his stringy form is at times amusing.

He was a sensation during the first Bienal de Flamenco in Málaga performing in the show directed by Paco Mora, and also in the show Dos Generations, along with Chano Lobato, La Cañeta de Málaga and El Carrete.

Sergio Aranda started to dance when he was ten years old but it was to be another five years before he started to dance professionally, under the wing of Luci Montes. He has worked in numerous “tablaos” (flamenco bars) and “peñas” (flamenco clubs) throughout Andalucía, which has been his training ground, helping to mould and shape his excellent style. His career was given a boost after he won first prize in the Concurso Fuentes, a dance competition that was judged by the dancer Joaquin Cortes.

He has worked in Holland with Maria Juncal as well as being part of the cast of the Málaga en Flamenco Show that performed at the Sadlers Wells Theatre in London in February 2007. He also performed with the veteran dancer El Grillo at the Cumbre Flamenca Festival in Madrid, where he demonstrated his natural flair along side one of the ageing masters.

Sergio Aranda is for sure one of the most aspiring young flamenco dancers to appear from Málaga for some time and he is proof that Málaga is producing some extremely good young flamenco artistes.
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