Carlos Cano

Carlos Cano

The well-known Spanish singer, Carlos Cano died in December, 2000 aged just 54.

Cano was born in Granada in 1946 and is regarded as the most popular representative of true Andalucian music. He was also the creator of a new type of popular "copla", a genre that has its roots in folklore and reflects the social problems of the south.

Carlos Cano's popularity steadily increased throughout his life, in part because of the socio-political content to his songs of protest. He is also known for his popular music, in particular the song that is perhaps the best known of his entire career - Maria la Portuguesa.

Other popular songs include Luna de Abril (1988), Ritmo de Vida (1989), En Directo (1990) and Mestizo in 1992.

In 1995 Carlos Cano suffered from serious heart disease which led to an operation in New York, after which he wrote: De Lo Perdido and several other popular hits. He died on December 20th 2000 of heart failure.
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