Paco del Gastor

Paco del Gastor is one of the most outstanding descendants of Diego del Gastor, and he was the first member of the Gastor dynasty to leave Moron de la Frontera, heading to Madrid to make a name for himself as a professional musician. He was born in Morón in 1944 and his father Francisco, who was the brother of Diego del Gastor, was a guitarist of some worth, although not professional.He received much of his teaching from his uncle Diego, but like many young guitarists of his time, he was also inspired by Niño Ricardo.

His apprenticeship as an accompanist for the cante and baile began at the many juergas that were held in the flamenco institution in Moron de la Frontera, which was run by the American flamencologist Don Pohren. It was during this period in the early seventies that he had a chance to accompany many big name singers such as Antonio Mairena, Juan Talega, and La Fernanda de Utrera.

He went to Madrid were he was hired to perform at the tablao El Duende, and shortly after moved on to Torres Bermejas. After this he joined the company of the singer Bambino, where he spent more than twenty years.

Paco del Gastor combined his work with this cantaor from Utrera, with touring work alongside the likes of the dancer Mariquilla, La Fernanda and Bernarda de Utrera, Miguel el Funi, and Chano Lobato, with who he appeared on the excellent CD Aroma. On this recording his style of playing is very similar to the great Diego del Gastor. He was also the guitarist for the controversial singer El Cabrero, for more than twelve years.

He currently teaches the flamenco guitar in the Casa de Cultura in Morón de la Frontera, which was opened with funds contributed by the Fundación Fernando Villalón.

Paco has had the perfect schooling; performing with most of the great cantaors of his time and the fact that his late uncle supervised his early lessons, make him one of today's outstanding flamenco guitarists.
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