Pedro Peña Fernández

Pedro Peña is one of today's most respected flamenco guitarists, and with his background and schooling there is no wonder he is also one of the most sought after guitarists, especially with the gypsies singers of Jerez and Lebrija.

He was born in Lebrija, Seville, in 1939 and from a very early age he would accompany family members during the flamenco sessions that were held in the house of his great aunt, Fernanda la Vieja (daughter of the mystical Pinini). These get-togethers would include some of the most renowned gypsy artistes from the area, and this is where Pedro learned to master the skill of accompanying the "cante".

He recorded and accompanied some of the most illustrious members of his large gypsy clan including his mother Maria La Perrata, his aunts, La Fernanda and La Bernarda de Utrera and of course his brother Juan El Lebrijano.

During the 1970s and 80s Pedro Peña was one of the most popular guitarists on the flamenco festival scene where he appeared with many of the most orthodox performers of flamenco including Tia Anica La Piriñaca, El Borrico, Terremoto and Antonio Mairena.

He also participated in the television series "Rito y Geografia del Cante", a documentary recorded in the early 1970s, which traced the roots and traditions of the andalucian flamenco families.

Pedro Peña is one of the most respected guitarists in Lebrija today; his slow traditional Lebrija style has been compared with many of the masters before him including the late Diego del Gastor.

Today he spends much of his time in Lebrija performing at the local peñas and clubs as well as appearing at many of the festivals in Andalucía.

He has also appeared on numerous albums including "Persecution" in which he accompanied El Lebrijano and also in "La Casa de los Sorderas", where he played along side some of Jerez de la Frontera`s most renown singers including El Sordera and his huge family.

He also accompanied the master Antonio Mairena on his last album "El Calor de mis recuerdos", an album that shows Pedro Peña at his best. Today his sons are continuing the family tradition, David "Dorantes" Peña, has made quite a name for himself as a flamenco pianist, and Pedro Maria Peña, is another young guitarist inspired by his family's long artistic ancestry.
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