Government and Political Figures

Government and Political Figures

Andalucia has seen some very important Government and Political figures over the years, including the U.S.A First Lady Michelle Obama.  Listed below are the most important, both old and new, governmental and political figures in Andalucia. 


Roman Emperor A.D. 76 – 138

Blas Infante

Founder of modern Andalucia, 1885 - 1936. More >

Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba

Nobleman and Politician 1453 – 1515. More >

Jesus Gil y Gil

Politician and businessman 1933-2004. More >

José Antonio Primo de Rivera

Politician 1903 – 1936

Judge Baltasar Garzon

Spanish jurist born 1955. More >

Michelle Obama

In August 2010 the U.S.A First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughter visited Andalucia. More >

Miguel Primo de Rivera

General and Dictator 1870 – 1930.


Roman Emperor A.D. 53 – 117.

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