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Religious Figures in Andalucia

Religious Figures in Andalucia

Andalucia has been home to many celebrities and famous people in the past, including Athletes, writers, historians and religious figures. Below is a list of famous people that are from, or have once lived in, Andalucia. 

The English who 'discovered' Spain in the 19th century were generally men of leisure, eager to explore the country which they had first encountered in the pages of Cervantes or the… More →

Rev. Adrian Low has two equally important, but very different, titles: Emeritus Professor of Computing Education at Staffordshire University, and Anglican Chaplain to the Costa del Sol West.… More →

Alpandeire is famed as the birthplace of a bearded monk, known later as Fray Leopold de Alpandeire. Born on 24 June 1866 and baptised as Francisco Tomas Marquez… More →

Living in Andalucia