Carmen Sevilla

ACTRESS AND SINGER (1930 - 2023)

The well-known Spanish actress and singer, Carmen Sevilla was born Carmen García Galisteo in Seville on the 16th October 1930. From an early age she was involved in the world of theatre and dance, appearing as a ballerina aged 12 in the theatrical spectacle, "Spanish Rhapsody", along with Paquita Rico and Ana Esmeralda, (both of whom shared her later success on stage and in films). She also appeared in dance groups with Enrique Castro and Paco Reyes.

Her first film was "Jalisco Canta en Sevilla" in 1948, with co-star Jorge Negrete, a popular singer at the time. She was known for her pleasant nature as well as her beauty and her career went from strength to strength.

Later films Carmen appeared in include, "La Guitarra de Gardel"(1949), "Filigrana", "Cuentos de la Alhambra", "La Revoltosa" (1950) and "El Sueño de Andalucia" (1950) when her co-star was Luis Mariano; another singer who helped her rise to fame. Subsequent films include "La Hermana San Suplicio" (1952), "Un Caballero Andaluz", "Violetas Imperiales" (1952) and "La Bella de Cadiz" (1953) "La Picara Molinera" (1954), "Congreso en Sevilla" and "La Fierecilla Domada" (1955).

It was around this time that Carmen Sevilla gained international acclaim, by starring in the French film, "El Amor de Don Juan" (1956).

Carmen Sevilla was undeniably one of the most popular stars of Spanish film in the fifties. She subsequently concentrated more on dramatic roles, which led to her being offered a role by Barden in "La Venganza" (1957), which centred on the problems of the Andalucian farmer.

In 1960 she married the composer and musical director, Augusto Alguero and received a major national award for her contribution to the arts. Later films include, "Nadie Oyo Gritar", "La Cera Virgen", "La Promesa" and "Rostros" which she also produced.

Latterly she reduced her film work and, instead, is appearing on several Spanish television programmes, including her own series Querida Carmen until 2000. After her husband Vinvente Patuel, died and resting for a year she returned in 2001 to host the music programme Nuestra Canciones.

Her last TV apearances were in 2011. The penultimate was an interview at home by journalist Maria Teresa Campos for 'Que Tiempo tan Feliz'.

In 2009 she was diagnosedwith Alzheimer's although not publically known until 2012. In 2015 she moved to a residential home in Aravaca Madrid. On 27th June 2023 she passed away in the University Hospital of Madrid aged 92. The funeral was held at the Pozuelo de Alarcon funeral home in strictest secrecy and she was cremated.
Living in Andalucia