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Frank Sinatra


Frank Sinatra put the Hotel Pez Espada on the map after he was involved in a fracas while staying there during the filming of Von Ryan's Express. The incident involved a Spanish photographer and the Cuban b-movie actress called Cañibano Ondina.

The most prevalent version claims that the Cuban actress spotted Sinatra sat at the bar and attempted to sit on his lap. Sinatra objected and pushed the actress away, but she slapped Sinatra's face in retaliation and the situation turned ugly. The incident was quickly resolved so not to cause a disturbance to the other guests.  

Another version has Sinatra being interviewed and photographed by a local reporter when Ondina happens to come along and requests a photo. Sinatra wrongly (or rightly) thinks he is being set up and pushes the photographer. A scuffle breaks out and the camera falls and breaks on the floor. MoRe detailed account can be read on Hotel Pez Espada history.

Either way the photographer phoned the police and after a day's delay, the police arrived and arrested Sinatra on charges of public disorder, for which he was fined 25,000 pesetas. After paying the fine, Sinatra flew to Paris, swearing never to return to Spain.

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