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The British Royal Family on Screen

In fictional terms, various scenes from the hugely successful Netflix series about the British monarchy, The Crown, were filmed in Andalucia
In fictional terms, various scenes from the hugely successful Netflix series about the British monarchy, The Crown, were filmed in Andalucia

The British Royal Family on Screen

by Fiona Flores Watson

 Netflix announced that season 5 of The Crown will launch on November 9th 2022, with a new actress as Queen Elizabeth II, Imelda Staunton. Many scenes from The Crown, were filmed in Andalucia

The Crown

In fictional terms, various scenes from the hugely successful Netflix series about the British monarchy, The Crown, were filmed in Andalucia. Each 60-minute episode costs a rumoured $6-$13 million to film. In Andalucia many places have been used as locations for the drama. Here is an overview province by province.


In Cadiz province, San Fernando, Puerto Real, Sotogrande and Jerez, have all been used as locations for the drama.

The University campus of El Rio de San Pedro and the Arsenal de la Carraca, both in Puerto Real, became the port of Nassau, Bahamas, where Prince Charles embarked.

Playa de los Alemanes in Atlanterra, Zahara de los Atunes was used as Mustique, the Caribbean island where Princess Margaret spent happy times in her villa with friends including her lover Roddy Llewellyn.

Paseo del Parque, the avenue of palm trees in Sotogrande was the Los Angeles, as visited by Princess Margaret and her husband Lord Snowdon. Video

Near Sotogrande at Guadiario (San Roque) Santa Maria Polo Club's Puente de Hierro ground stood in for the popular polo scene in the season 2 episode 6 (Terra Nullius), featuring Charles and Diana’s 1983 tour of Australia.

Hacienda la Pañuela near Jerez de la Frontera was used as the 19th century ranch in the Santa Rita Mountains in Season 3 where where Princess Margaret and her husband stayed, while Santo Domingo convent in Jerez de la Frontera  stood in for a hospital in Greece.

A villa in Algeciras is where scenes from episode 9 of season 4 were filmed including the pool scene in which Charles watches his children and Diana bathing when he is making decisions about his life following the Skiing accident in Cloisters.

Jerez’s historic city centre and airport will appear in Season 5.


Torremolinos Palacio de Congresos (conference centre), in Malaga province, stood in for LAX (Los Angeles International Airport)in the 1960s.

Malaga doubles for Australia in the the Crown's Episode six Terra Nullius (nobody's land) about the couples four week tour of Australian in 1983. You can also see Hotel Malaga Palacio and Calle Molina Larius where crowds cheered Prince Charles and Diana in Brisbane. the scene was filmed from above by a boom mounted camera on the hotels roof terrace. La Concepción Botanical gardens stand in for the couple's car tour through Adelaide.

The Puente de Hierro (iron bridge) in Cártama became Darwin in the series although Puente de Hieero in Guadaiaro, san Roque Cadiz is also cited.

A meeting with Bob Hawke the prime minister at his Canberra residence was actually shot at the Palacio Monte Miramar in Malaga's residential Limonar district. Interiors of the palace were also used to recreate his offices and also the room for the scene where Diana heard Charles talking to Camila on the telephone.

Castañón de Mena military residence in Malaga's Teatinos district in was the location for the pool in Sydney is where Diana met a swimming team; her visit to a hospital in Brisbane was filmed at the residence's rear entrance; and the front steps were used for the couple's arrival at a party in Tasmania. Almost imposible to detect, Cortijo de Torres open-air auditorium was the setting for Charles' speech at the Sydney Opera House as it was added in post-production.

In episode 8 of season 4 the Miramar Grand Hotel in Malaga appears in several scenes, we see the exterior and its terraces when Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher talks from her hotel room to her husband Dennis telling him about the different views she and the Queen have on the application of apartheir sanctions against South Africa. The scenes in which the minister goes over and over the various drafts of the condemnation text were also filmed in a hotel room.

Filming of Series 5 has taken place in Puerto Banus, on the Costa de Sol. Some theories claim that it could stand in for St Tropez in 1997, where Diana holidayed with Dodi Fayed.


In Seville, the hotel Alfonso XIII was used as Los Angeles, and Plaza de las Americas in Parque Maria Luisa was used as Egypt, and Casa de Pilatos, both for Season 5.

The town of San Juan de Aznalfarache was used as 1950s Greece, in the episode about Princess Alice, the mother of Prince Philip.


The bright red geological formations of Llano del Búho, near Tabernas Desert in Almeria, was used for the scene at Ayer’s Rock (Uluru) in Australia’s Northern Territory in season 4 episode 6, along with digital imaging of Ayer's rock itself.

Nothing more exciting than a car park in El Toyo, Retamar was seen in Season 4 as various airports where the Prince and Princess of Wales landed or took off with young William during their trip to Oceania in 1983.

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