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Andalucia.com, the useful website for travelling and discovering Andalucia is principally a website with pages that are regularly update when we are aware of changes. This makes it ideal as a research tool.  We currently have about 9.000 pages of which we are adding nearly one thousand a year. We are also updating in some form three thousand pages a year.

Genarally we do not publish news as it ages quickly, and most news soon becomes irrelevant. Only a small portion becomes historically or anecdotally interesting over time. 

Having said that in some areas maintain news pages.   Such as Golf, New hotel openings, Sotogrande.

Sotogrande News

A round up of news items of interest to visitors and residents of Sotogrande for 2022. Latest items added to the top, older items archived for resarch interest.

Latest Pages

At Andalucia.com we are continually updating pages with up to date information as well as adding new pages. Here is a list of the latest pages to be updated or created.