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Michelin Star Restaurants

Lubina en su jugo © Skina
Lubina en su jugo © Skina

Michelin Star Restaurants in Andalucia

Andalucia, with its fabulous, world-renowned gastronomy and bountiful and varied natural produce, has its fair share of Michelin-starred restaurants.

The region has 18 establishments boasting the highly coveted recognition from the French gastronomy bible. In total, as of the 2021 guide published in December 2020, Andalucian has 14 one-Michelin-starred restaurants, three boasting two stars, and one with three stars - the top accolade. Exactly the same as 2020.

Interestingly, a large number of these restaurants are located close to the sea – in Malaga, Marbella, Fuengirola, the Almeria coast, Cadiz, Jerez and Huelva.

Three Stars

Aponiente is the ground-breaking, award-winning restaurant of Angel Leon, Chef del Mar, in El Puerto de Santa Maria. The restaurant offers diners an exciting, immersive marine experience, from the… More →

Two Stars

Small restaurant in the old town run with chef Mario Cachinero at the helm, boasting two Michelin stars since 2019, (it won the first in 2008). You might find poached lobster, red quinoa and… More →

Chef Paco Morales, who worked at Mugaritz and El Bulli, conjures up dishes from Andalucia's long multicultural history - cocina andalusi. He was awarded a Michelin star in 2016, followed by a… More →

Bardal gained its first Michelin star in November 2017, shortly after opening in July 2016. Just two years later, in November 2019, it moved up to two-star status. Chef Benito Gomez, who is… More →

One Star

Dama Juana, which opened in March 2019, is named after the grandmother of chef-owner Juan Aceituno. Sadly she died just two weeks after the restaurant in Jaen’s barrio San Ildefonso opened. Eight… More →

Israel Ramos is a native of San Telmo district in Jerez, and learned his culinary skills and taste for avant-garde Andalucian cuisine at La Alquería, Hacienda Benazuza near Seville (an outpost of… More →

Acánthum has a special distinction as Huelva province's first restaurant to be awarded a Michelin Star, under the direction of head chef Xanty Elías. A varied, innovative and carefully created… More →

Located in the port of Malaga, with a contemporary design and a stunning terrace, this eponymous restaurant offers stunning dishes such as hake with beetroot and caviar gazpachuelo. The cuisine on… More →

Sollo's head chef Diego Gallegos specialises in sturgeon, caviar and river fish and subsequently bears the name "The Caviar Chef". The restaurant has a special menu which changes seasonally. Even… More →

Messina has been delighting guests with two tasting menus since opening in 2001, under its Iialian chef Mauricio Giovanini, and gained its Michelin star in 2015. Dishes include king prawns with… More →

Beautifully set overlooking a lake and golf course, in a smart residential development, this is as slick as you’d expect for such an upmarket location. Chef Diego del Rio’s dishes include tuna… More →

Run by head chef Alejandro, exquisite presentation and bursting flavours make this restaurant what it is - an absolute delight and an experience in itself. The restaurant sources ingredients for… More →

Abantal restaurant is located just outside the historic centre of Seville and offers delightful, innovative gastronomic dishes created by chef Julio Fernández Quintero. The restaurant itself seats… More →

Dating from the 1960s, this restaurant in a small town just inland from the Almeria coast, specializes in fabulous fresh fish caught locally, and the vegetables grown in the surrounding area. Chef… More →

Kisko Garcia's restaurant Choco offers authentic Andalusian cuisine with the chef's own unique style and twist. There is a clear focus on creativity by the head chef and his team, reflected in the… More →

Tiny Michelin star restaurant (as of the 2019 Guide) which seats just 15 diners, run with great care, effort and attention to detail by head chef Pedro Sánchez Jaén (known as Pedrito to avoid… More →

At this innovative Michelin star restaurant in the heart of Jerez. Juan Luis Fernández (Juanlu), who worked as head chef at three-Michelin-starred Aponiente in El Puerto de Santa Maria for 10… More →

Alevante won its Michelin star in 2017, at the same time as its Gastronomic Director Angel Leon achieved his third star for Aponiente in El Puerto de Santa Maria. The menu at Alevante is based on… More →