Arts & Crafts - Works of Art in Almería

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In the city of Almeria, the bas-reliefs of the façade of the Cathedral and the choir stalls were carved by Juan de Orea in the 16th century. The decoration of the stalls represents the Apostles, Prophets and Saints, in a pure, classical style. The Almeria city museum is home to two pieces representing the Good Shepherd from the 5th and 6th centuries, early Christian sculptures from Gador, crudely hewn in marble from late Roman times, bearing testimony to the beginnings of Christianity in Andalucía.

There are two fascinating caves called "Los Letreros" and "Gabal" near Vélez Blanco, the first of which was the first Andalucían cave to be studied by scientists. It was initially thought that its walls were carved with an archaic form of hieroglyphic script, although the discovery of other caves also decorated with the same parallel bi-triangular symbols now shows that they are diagrammatic Andalucían artistic patterns. The caves of the Almeria region are basically similar to those of the Sierra Morena and Upper Guadalquivir River Basin.

There are two interesting works in the city's Archaeological museum. The anthropomorphic idol of Morocco ( 1800BC), an ivory figure, and Iberian Sculptures of Porcuna (5th C)

In the Cathedral can be seen the altarpiece of San Pedro de Osma by Pedro Mechuca and the Immaculate Conception by Sebastian Martinez (17th C).