Works of Art in Huelva province

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At Huelva in La Punta del Sebo, stands The Monument to Columbus, by Whitney. This large, imposing statue, highly modern in style, is the work of the American heiress, who was herself a sculptor, and who gave it to the city. It stands facing La Rábida at the meeting point of the Tinto and Odiel rivers.

The 14th century figure of The Virgin of the Miracles, also known as the Patroness of the Americas, is displayed in the monastery of Santa María de la Rábida. This small Gothic carving in alabaster of the Virgin with the Infant Jesus in her arms, is very lifelike. The church and lower cloister are decorated with medieval frescoes from the early 15th century, painted in earthy tones and representing Gothic-style leaves, bows, heraldry and battlements. Also of interest is the mural "The Discovery" by Vázquez Díaz.

The Archaeological Museum of Huelva possesses an extraordinary bronze vase made by the pre-Roman Tartessos tribe, representing the heads of a deer and a horse, as well as the adornments for a carriage, with a feline head used to decorate the axle head.

The Monastery of Santa Clara, in Moguer, contains a series of eight frescoes representing The Apocalypse, painted between 1635-40, by Jerónimo Velázquez, a disciple of Martínez Montañes.