Arts & Crafts - Works of Art in Malaga

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The Cathedral of Malaga is famous for its magnificent Sillería del Coro, the finely carved choir pews, created by Pedro de Mena(1658-78), a huge baroque construction which contrasts sharply with the pure, classical lines of the columns and arches among which it stands. Although many different artists and wood-carvers worked on the pews, 42 seats were hewn by Mena himself, and are remarkable for their soulful, emotional style. Another fine work is the dome of the Iglesia del Santo Cristo, by Alonso Cortés (1639-43). This hemispherical dome is built on a round wall, simulating architectural perspectives which are peopled with saints, martyrs and angels.

The Pantheon of the Counts of Buena Vista (18th century), in the Santuario de la Victoria, is reminiscent of a theatrical setting, in white stucco on a black background. In the Rosary Chapel of the Cathedral, two remarkable paintings are Our Lady of the Rosary and the Allegory of Charity, by Niño de Guevara (1690-98), a large painting with an exuberant baroque composition.

The Municipal Museum of Antequera is home to Ephebus, a bronze statue of a naked boy wreathed in ivy and grapevines, found in a Roman villa on the Plain of Antequera. It is a Roman copy of a Greek original of the 5th century B.C., and similar to other pieces found in Volubilis (Morocco) and Pompei.